WTC India vs. Australia 2023 Live Score: Exciting Chase on Day 4 | Cricket | Live cricket score | Aus vs Ind

WTC India vs. Australia 2023 Live Score: 

Exciting Chase on Day 4


As the final
day approaches, the WTC (World Test Championship) clash between India and
Australia has reached a thrilling stage. With a target of 444 runs set
by Australia, India faces the daunting task of securing victory. The live score
updates have kept fans on the edge of their seats as the Indian batters strive
to achieve the monumental chase. This blog will provide you with the latest
updates, key highlights, and insights from the intense battle between the two
cricketing giants.

WTC India vs. Australia 2023 Live Score: Exciting Chase on Day 4 | Cricket | Live cricket score | Aus vs Ind

India’s Resolute Batting Display

In their
pursuit of 444 runs, Team India showcased determination and skill in their
batting performance. Opening batsmen Captain Rohit Sharma and Shubman
Gill set a solid foundation with a quick start, scoring 43 and 18 runs,
respectively. The experienced duo of Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli continued
the momentum, contributing 27 and 44 runs, respectively. Vice-captain Ajinkya
Rahane also made a valuable contribution with 20 runs.

Australia’s Bowling Challenge

The Australian
bowlers were determined to defend their massive target and put pressure on the
Indian batters. Pat Cummins, Scott Boland, Nathan Lyon,
and Mitchell Starc picked up crucial wickets to halt India’s
progress. Cummins, Boland, and Lyon claimed one wicket each, while Starc
remained wicketless. Although not among the wickets, Cameron Green provided
valuable support in building pressure on the Indian batters.

The Exciting Chase

chase of 444 runs to win the match captivated the cricketing world. The live
score updates reflected the intensity of the contest as the Indian batters
faced a challenging target. The team needed 280 runs in 97 overs, and the
battle was set to continue on the final day.

The Significance of Day 4

4’s importance cannot be stressed as the match’s last day draws near. It’s an
important session that will decide how the game turns out. The Indian batters
must display patience, skill, and resilience to navigate the Australian bowling
attack and inch closer to the target. The match’s outcome hangs in the balance,
making Day 4 a pivotal moment in this WTC clash.

Key Players to Watch Out For

The success of
their respective teams in this high-stakes game depends on several essential
players. India’s hopes will be greatly aided by Captain Rohit Sharma’s powerful
top-of-the-order batting. Virat Kohli’s ability to play long innings
and absorb pressure will be vital in the chase. Conversely, Australia will rely
on its talented bowling lineup, led by Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc,
and Nathan Lyon, to maintain the upper hand.

Analysis of India’s Batting Performance

India’s batting
performance on Day 4 showcased a blend of resilience and aggression. Rohit
Sharma’s innings were marked by his exquisite strokeplay and ability to
find gaps in the field. Shubman Gill’s attacking approach provided
the early impetus to the chase, putting the Australian bowlers on the back
foot. Cheteshwar Pujara’s solid defensive technique allowed him to
weather the storm and accumulate crucial runs. The presence of Virat Kohli in
the middle order instilled confidence, and his aggressive strokeplay kept the
scoreboard ticking. Ajinkya Rahane’s patient approach and ability to
anchor the innings were evident in his knock. The Indian batters showed great
determination and composure to chase down the mammoth total.

Australia’s Bowling Strategy

The Australian
bowlers adopted a disciplined approach, maintaining line and length to build
pressure on the Indian batters. With his sheer pace and accuracy, Pat Cummins
troubled the batters consistently. Scott Boland’s ability to swing the ball and
hit the right areas made him a threat. Nathan Lyon’s spin and variation added a
different dimension to the attack, testing the batters’ skills. Mitchell Starc,
despite being wicketless, generated pace and movement to keep the Indian
batters on their toes. The Australian bowlers showcased their skill and
experience, making every run hard-earned for the Indian team.

The Importance of Partnership Building

In a monumental
chase like this, partnerships hold the key to success. India’s batters
understood the significance of building substantial partnerships and worked
towards that goal. The opening partnership between Rohit Sharma and Shubman
Gill set a solid foundation, laying the groundwork for the subsequent batters.
The middle-order batters, including Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, and Ajinkya
Rahane, formed crucial partnerships to keep the scoreboard ticking and pressure
the Australian bowlers. The ability to forge strong alliances and rotate the
strike will be crucial for India’s chances of staging a remarkable comeback.

The Role of Bowlers on Day 5

As the match
enters its final day, the role of bowlers becomes crucial in determining the
outcome. India’s bowling unit will restrict Australia’s lead and provide their
batters with a realistic target to chase. Bowlers like Mohammed Shami, Umesh
Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja, and Mohammed Siraj will be expected to
exploit the conditions and make breakthroughs at crucial junctures. The
bowlers’ performance will play a significant role in shaping India’s chances of

The Thrilling Conclusion

India vs. Australia 2023 match has reached an exhilarating stage, setting
for a thrilling conclusion on the final day. With India needing 280 runs to
win and Australia aiming to claim the remaining seven wickets, the tension, and
excitement are palpable. The match showcased the true spirit of Test cricket,
with both teams giving their all to emerge victorious. As the final day
unfolds, cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await this enthralling contest’s


The WTC India
vs. Australia 2023 match has reached a captivating stage, with India embarking
on a challenging chase to secure victory. The live score updates have kept fans
engaged and excited throughout the match. As Day 4 concludes, the battle
between the bat and ball intensifies, promising an enthralling finale on the
final day. Will India successfully chase the target of 444 runs, or will
Australia’s bowling attack proved too formidable? The cricketing world eagerly
awaits the outcome of this thrilling contest. Stay tuned for more live score
updates and analysis as the WTC drama unfolds.




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