WTC India vs Australia 2023 Live Score: Thrilling Day 2 Ends with Australia in Control

WTC India vs Australia 2023 Live Score:

Thrilling Day 2 Ends with Australia in Control


The World Test
Championship (WTC) final between India and Australia has reached an
exhilarating stage as Day 2 witnessed intense battles and remarkable
performances. With Australia posting a massive total of 469 runs in their first
innings and India facing a challenging trail, the match hangs in the balance.
In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive update on the live score of Day
2, analyze the key highlights of the day’s play, and assess the implications
for both teams as they vie for glory in the finals.

WTC India vs Australia 2023 Live Score: Thrilling Day 2 Ends with Australia in Control

Australia Dominates with a Strong Batting Display

started Day 2 on a high note, building on their overnight score to amass a
formidable total of 469 runs in their first innings. The Australian batsmen
showcased exceptional skill and determination as they navigated the Indian
bowling attack. The top-order batsmen set the foundation for a substantial
total, with Steve Smith and Travis Head delivering exceptional performances.
Smith, displaying his impeccable technique and resilience, scored a magnificent
121 runs off 268 deliveries, providing a solid anchor to the innings. Head, on
the other hand, played an attacking inning, scoring a blistering 163 runs off
just 174 balls, including a flurry of boundaries and sixes. Their partnership
formed the backbone of Australia’s dominant display.

Indian Batting Struggles in the Face of Australian 


In response to
Australia’s imposing total, the Indian batting line-up faced an uphill battle.
The bowlers from Australia, headed by players like Mitchell Starc and Nathan
Lyon, proved to be a difficult opponent. The Indian batters struggled to
establish their groove and frequently dropped important wickets. At the end of
Day 2, India finds themselves at 151/5, still trailing by a significant margin
of 318 runs. Shardul Thakur, with his disciplined bowling, managed to take two
important wickets, while Umesh Yadav remained wicketless but bowled with
accuracy. The Indian batsmen, including Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar
Pujara, Virat Kohli, and Ajinkya Rahane, will need to display resilience and
determination in the upcoming days to bridge the gap and mount a competitive

Trail by 318 Runs: India’s Uphill Task

Australia’s massive first-innings total, India finds themselves trailing by 318
runs as Day 2 draws to a close. The deficit poses a significant challenge for
the Indian team, both mentally and strategically. The Indian batsmen will need
to build substantial partnerships and display a strong application of their
skills to overcome the deficit. They must focus on playing session by session,
accumulating runs steadily while ensuring the preservation of wickets. A
resilient batting effort will be required from the lower order as well to
contribute valuable runs. The upcoming days of the match will test the mettle
of the Indian batsmen as they aim to match Australia’s total.

Key Highlights and Turning Points

Day 2 witnessed
several key highlights and turning points that shaped the course of the match.
Mitchell Starc’s tight and aggressive bowling provided early breakthroughs for
Australia, putting the Indian batsmen under pressure right from the start.
Significant blows for India resulted from the swift dismissals of Virat Kohli
and Rohit Sharma. But as they stabilized the innings with a key partnership,
Cheteshwar Pujara, and Ajinkya Rahane showed courage and perseverance. But the
dismissal of Pujara triggered a mini-collapse, leaving India in a precarious
position at the end of the day’s play.

Implications for the Rest of the Match

As Day 2
concludes, the match stands at a critical juncture, with Australia firmly in
control. The substantial lead of 318 runs gives them a significant advantage
going forward. However, Test cricket is known for its unpredictability, and
India has a history of staging remarkable comebacks. The upcoming days will
test both teams’ skills, determination, and mental fortitude. India’s bowlers
will need to strike early and make inroads into the Australian batting line-up
to limit their lead and create pressure. On the other hand, Australia will aim
to capitalize on their advantage by building on their first-innings lead and
putting India under immense pressure. The battle between bat and ball will
intensify, making for an enthralling contest in the remainder of the match.

Final Thoughts

The second day
of the WTC final between India and Australia provided captivating cricketing
action. Australia’s dominant batting performance and India’s resilient
fightback showcased the true spirit of Test cricket. India’s batting order will
be the subject of attention as the game enters its third day as they try to
close the gap and post a respectable score. Encouraged by their performance on
Day 2, the Australian bowlers will be motivated to continue dominating the
Indian batters. The turns this epic battle will take are eagerly anticipated by
fans all across the world.


In conclusion,
the live score update of Day 2 in the WTC final between India and Australia
reveals Australia’s commanding position. With a substantial first-innings lead,
Australia holds the advantage, while India faces the daunting task of closing
the gap. The match is finely poised, and the upcoming days will test the
skills, resilience, and strategy of both teams. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide
are eagerly following this enthralling contest, eager to witness the outcome of
this high-stakes clash. Stay tuned for more updates as the battle for the WTC
title unfolds.



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